At  Kim Jewell – Inner Stillness Integrative Wellness, we provide Private Session Packages that are carefully designed for each of our clients.

Using the latest accelerated neuro-plasticity and behaviour modification, releasing Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Addictions and many other behavior issues, your sessions are customised to meet your needs. We tailor your sessions just for you so that you’ll experience deep, long-lasting results.

Together, we will work to identify the areas in your life that you would like to change and find the best path to take.

Call today and meet Kim. The earlier we can schedule your private session with us, the sooner you can start your journey to healing and happiness. We look forward to meeting you.

Session Packages Designed for You

30 Minute Consultation

Not sure about what will work best for you?. Why not book a FREE 30 minute consultation and see how we can help.

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2 Hour Package

Experience what you can accomplish in a two hour session. This package best suits someone dealing with a one off fear or phobia.

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Step In… Up to Your Knees

6 Hour Package

Step into the world of unlimited possibilities. Take positive action, spend  six hours  dealing with unresolved emotional and physical barriers to your empowered self.

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Dive in

12 Hour Package

Ready to Dive into a whole new world? The Dive into Freedom Package will take you deep into a world of possibilities that is already in you but buried like sunken treasure.

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“Kim has been a driving force behind my success as a practitioner and has increased my confidence and self esteem in many areas of my life. Kim is a wealth of knowledge and education on the human mind! She inspires, creates change and assists in developing better workplaces. I recommend Kim whole heartedly! “


Ceo, Mind Talk Australia

Kim helped me see the gift in each of my experiences. Kim is patient and loving, yet tough and follows through to find the behavioural pay-offs. Kim is good at explaining what is going on within and how to change it by letting it go.

After working with Kim…

I have noticed so many changes in my life. I am more empowered and less of a victim. I am like an onion with the layers slowly but surely being peeled away and released. I like the person I am discovering inside and I’m learning to question that inner critic and change it totally. I always come away from a session feeling lighter and freer and so much more empowered especially when facing challenges.



ET Digital Designs

Kim understands the terrain that must be crossed on the road to “becoming”, having done so herself, both metaphorically and actually. She recognizes thresholds for what they truly are, and articulates in such a way that she connects me with a deeper understanding of me, through her coaching, I awaken something I contain… now that’s an alchemist. Even if you are afraid of change… no, especially if you are afraid of change, bring Kim into your world. On a corporate level, such transformations of your employees has only one result in your sphere – greater productivity from excited-about-life employees. What could be wrong with that for anyone in the equation? I have no hesitation in recommending Kim.

Brian O'Dea

Producer/On-Screen Advisor Redemption Inc.