Systems of Change

Live Training Webinar

Discover the secrets for
Creating Massive Change with your client




Kim Jewell
Master NLP Trainer
Behavior Specialist
Master FEFT Practitioner

"Kim runs a fantastic seminar, full of learning and fun. Her passion and knowledge of the subject shine through." Rob O.

"Kim is a beacon of light, her gifts are abundant. The information I gained in this workshop is so helpful in my daily life as well as my practice."

What You'll Discover
On this Live Webinar:

  1. Week 1, We will discover what all the "Systems" are and the importance they play in creating change.
  2. Week 2-  Belief Systems, how to uncover the unconscious Belief Systems of your client. How the mind has linked beliefs and what to do about it. 
  3. Week 3- Representational Systems -  increase your awareness of using the clients language systems when working with clients.  
  4. Week 4 -  Discovering and Understanding the Input/Output Systems. The way the mind codes information, that plays an important part in how a problem is created, maintained and changed.
  5. Week 5 - The Game Changer- Learn about the unknown system that makes or breaks creating lasting change.
  6. Week 6- Bringing it all together. This week will be devoted to practicing the skills learnt in previous weeks. 




7:00 PM
Sydney, Australia

April 21 


10:00 AM
London Time



"This workshop has exceeded my expectations! Kim is a great presenter. I am very motivated and energized to use the skills I learned!"  Kim M.

The Systems of Change Training

Are you serious about helping others?

Are you ready to help your clients shift in ways you haven’t seen?

Are you ready to step into mastery?


This is not just a one-off webinar.


It’s an in-depth 6 week course where you will learn about the skills and techniques used behind the structure taught in your training. What systems are and how they the backbone of change, and how to use those systems with the confidence and flexibility to create massive change for your clients.


Who is this special 6 week course for…


Check mark-1Any one that is a tapping practitioner. If you have studied the home course, live training or another modality and are ready to facilitate change this course is for you. Going deep into the ‘SYSTEMS’ gives you more flexibility and helps you become more efficient in your practice.


Any Practitioner serious about helping others.
It is one thing to learn the basic ‘how to’ of a Check mark-1session, in this course we will go behind the scenes and discover where the real changes are made. We all have those clients that don’t seem to change… this course will show you how to go beyond what you have learned previously.


Check mark-1Anyone ready to gain insight into the Power of Language . Step by step we dive into how language shapes the Systems and how the mind codes the patterns called  the ‘problem’ . Learn how to use your language to facilitate change with the client using the answers they already have inside of them.


Check mark-1 Any one interested in gaining new techniques and skills. Once you have a firm understanding about the foundation of the systems, learn how to implement these advanced techniques allowing you to gain more confidence and flexibility in your practice.


This will be an online class meeting once a week for about 90 minutes per session. All for $365.


Special Bonus…

  • Downloadable recording of each session so that you can view them anything you like and learn at your convenience.
  • Live Q & A with each session.
  • A special Members Only Facebook Group where you can get ongoing support.


This training is very exclusive and space is limited, so first come first serve.

I have recently attended Kim Jewell's online live course “Systems of Change”. I found it highly beneficial both personally and professionally.

Kim is a master in many ways and takes something quite complex and breaks it down to be more easily digestible. She is an excellent communicator and teacher and is very passionate about her work. She shares generously, giving practical examples that are meaningful and helpful as a learner.

Kim has a great depth of knowledge, experience and has taken a distinct “ jewel” , and packaged this very professionally with her light endearing manner.

I believe that the knowledge and experience I have gained will assist me to excel as a Faster EFT practitioner working with my clients.

I would highly recommend the course to those wishing to work with a FEFT Master and increase your skill level.

Thank you very much Kim.

Jackie TS.

 I was totally blown away with how Kim was able to get in there & find the hidden beliefs that I had created many years ago.

As a Faster EFT Practitioner myself I was in admiration of how Kim was able to elicit & bring forth what I did not even know was there that was holding me back in my life. Since our session I feel amazing.

There have been major changes in my personal & business life. I will definitely be back for more sessions with Kim the next time I am stepping up into a new area in my life & something is there that is limiting my growth in this area.  Thanks again Kim

Greg D 
South Australia